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Oxygen Bar Rentals

What is an Oxygen Bar?

It is a bar where people can breathe in oxygen-enriched air for recreational use. In a sit-down session that can last up to 20 minutes, you can breathe in 4 to 5 times the amount of oxygen than is present in normal air. The result? You feel energized, refreshed, and more mentally alert.

To further enhance the experience, aromas, such as eucalyptus and vanilla, are often added. This is done by bubbling the oxygen through a bottle that contains the aroma suspended in liquid, and then feeding this oxygen through a nose hose for you to inhale. With the addition of an aroma, you not only get to enjoy the nourishing benefits of inhaling 90-95% pure oxygen, but you can experience the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy as well.

Oxygen bars are an incredibly versatile and portable form of entertainment. They may be used in spas, health clubs, yoga studios, airports, shopping malls, and many other types of venues. They may also be used at trade shows, conventions, corporate meetings, and sporting events. To make your next private event particularly unique, set up an oxygen bar for your guests to enjoy. It is a great hotspot for socializing and having fun, and can make that dry grad, wedding, bar or promotional event that much more memorable.

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