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Mountain Glow Tan and Spa, we do much more than cut and style all types of hair! We also have skin care therapists on staff who can help you with all your skincare needs! Whether you just want to unwind after a stress-filled day with a relaxing facial or need a specific solution to a skin problem you have, our skincare experts are here to help! We offer the best facial treatments that use only high quality; professional ingredients which are designed to address your unique skin care needs

Serene Anti-Aging Facial  $125.00

This facial will start you on the path toward

healing and skin regeneration. Almost immediately

you will see a healthier skin tone and a reduction in

fine lines. With continued home care, your skin

will continue its improvement and the signs of aging



Benefits include: Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, age

spots slackened skin which promotes a more youthful


Serene Hyperpigmentation Facial  $120.00

Uneven skin tone regardless of age or skin type is the

the main concern for this facial. By performing this facial,

and incorporating specific products into a home care

plan, the benefits of effective skin lightening can be


Serene Acne Facial  $130.00

This facial is ideal for acne grades 1 and 2. You will

feel refreshed and within a few days will see acne

clear up and a reduction in acne within the first week after



It is important to incorporate chemical peels and take

home products into this treatment to maintain results

and help stop new acne formation.

Serene Chemical Peel with facial $150.00

This treatment will help reduce moderate lines and wrinkles, extensive sun-damaged skin, deep acne scars, blotchy skin, and/or precancerous growths called actinic keratosis.

Salicylic acid can have a calming, anti-inflammatory

effect on pimples thus reducing the redness and

swelling associated with some acne conditions.

Significant results will only be accomplished by at

home care combined with additional chemical peels.

Take-home products will mimic those used in the

facial and can be customized via the selected serum,

exfoliator and moisturize

Serene Back Facial $120.00

Good skincare shouldn't end with the face. Perfect for brides and bathing suit season, our Back Facial treatment prevents flare-ups of breakouts and imperfections.

The Back Facial is ideal for:

All skin types, back acne/breakouts

Service Highlights:

Cleanse, Tone, and Exfoliate: The back facial begins by cleansing the back with a cleanser to remove dirt and impurities from the surface of the skin. The skin is then toned to prep the skin for the next step. To remove dead skin cells, our beauty therapist will apply a customized exfoliation based on your skin type.

Extractions (if needed): Removal of blackheads and blockages​

Moisturize: This final step helps to protect and smooth the skin by applying a treatment moisturizer.

Beauty Results*:

Clear, smooth and radiant skin

Complexion and texture is more even

Product selection will be tailored to your skin type to prevent flare-ups of breakouts and imperfections.

Dermaplaning add on to any Serene Facials  $40.00

Dermaplaning with Facial $140.00.00 

Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive professional exfoliation treatment that removes Vellus Hair (commonly known as “peach fuzz”), and the superficial layer of dead skin. The peach fuzz on our face tends to collect dirt and excess oil in the follicle and sits on the surface of the skin that over time may cause blackheads or will invade your pores. Regular removal is an excellent anti-aging/anti-blemish treatment as it keeps pores free of excess oil while simultaneously preventing premature wrinkles.

Just as easy as it sounds! No time, no down time, no facial. Just a cleans, the peel, a neutrelizer and we finish with a spf moisturizer. In and out and back to work!

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